We think most children are Intensely Curious.
Nurturing that curiosity is our primary goal.

Our educational philosophy is based on the belief that not all kids learn the same way.
That makes creating a universal, one-size-fits-all curriculum immensely challenging if not impossible.
The advantage of a home schooling curriculum is that it allows you to adapt the learning program in real time for each student.

Our highly adaptable and flexible curriculum leverages the vast amount of high quality instructional material available on the web.

While the structured classroom environment has certain advantages, particularly for learners predisposed to perform well in a highly organized atmosphere, it does not lend itself to impromptu exploration of topics only peripherally addressed by the course instruction. Have you ever had to sever a lively discussion of the challenges of a manned spaced mission to mars, for example, because it deviated too far from the lesson plan?

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Portfolio Building

All of our students have personal accounts at a number of online learning sites, including Khan Academy, Brain Pop and IXL. If a site offers a public API, we also curate learning progress to their profile page.

Real-Time Adaptability

Have a student struggling with long division? Don't push forward to meet some predetermined deadline, step back and work with your student until they have mastered the concept before moving on.

Limitless Depth

For our older students, we integrate select advanced education courses from Udacity, Coursera, EdX and others into our curriculum. These courses cover far ranging topics from art history to data science.

Broad Skills Based Instruction

Math and Analytic Thought

We believe a student should advance in a math topic only when they have mastered the basics of that topic. This prevents "frustration creep" from eventually overwhelming an otherwise talented student. All students make extensive use of IXL for practice.

The Sciences

Our science curriculum is a mix of theory, experimentation and discovery. Besides the traditional textbook with lab, we have weekly Nova and Nature educational videos and, for our older students, a monthly Tinker Crate experiment, among other activities.

Reading and Writing

All of our students not only read every day, but are also read to, regardless of their age. They also write everyday to master language structural skills. In addition, all students study a foreign language through Duolingo.

The Arts

Our students spend a great deal of time exploring their creative side, including the study of famous artists. Our younger students also receive monthly Kiwi Crates. Using Canva, all students learn digital art techniques.

We are currently closed to new enrollment.

However, please feel free to send us your contact information and we will let you know when openings become available.