Today, high quality educational content is available on the web.

We put that content at your fingertips for your home-schooled student.

The Rise of MOOCs

The revolution that is changing the shape and scope of a university education is coming to the elementary and secondary school level. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will, in time, appear in some form in our nation's public schools. This will significantly impact home school educators by providing ever more options for high quality curricula from leading academic institutions. Already, any student can enroll in advanced courses in engineering, science, mathematics and the humanities from MIT, Stanford, Yale and others.

For our younger students, we track progress of performance at Khan Academy, Brain Pop, and IXL, as well as using traditional texts. We utilize Duolingo for all foreign language courses, which all students must participate in. As our students progress, we slowly introduce them to more advanced topics and eventually enroll them into one of several options for dedicated tracks offered by Coursera, Udacity and others. These tracks are in the form of "nanodegrees", signature tracks or specializations.

The result of this type of program is a student who, when they embark on their university education, has already demonstrated a mastery of achieving success in their program of choice even before they begin their freshman year of study.


Today, it's possible for your children to receive a high quality education from the safety and security of your home.


Online programs offer families the most flexibility for busy schedules with most classes available even when away from home.


With the wealth of material available, it's never too early to let your talented student explore the areas most of interest to them.