Our profile builder curates our students' learning progress.

The 21st century high school diploma will evolve into a portable, real-time, digital trail of academic and professional achievements.

Personalized Profiles

Each personalized profile is anchored with a fully customizable Google Calendar. Calendar is where a student's assignments, tests and events are scheduled and which can be easily shared and modified by the student's mentor. In addition, Calendar supports a task manager which allow the student's mentor to schedule due dates for specific assignments, as well as allowing the student to learn time management skills by creating a personalized "todo" list.

Next, course selection is made possible by simply dragging and dropping modules from the curriculum selection guide onto the profile page. The modules come with links to the content providers of the particular course, whether it be math, science, history or any number of other course options. After an initial setup, each time a student clicks the link to a content provider, they will be taken directly to their personal profile page where they can begin their work from their last accomplishment.

Finally, the profile page contains a complete summary of all accomplishments ever completed at any of the content providers supported by The Academy. This summary is cumulative and continues for as long as they are a student with The Academy.


It's never too early to begin the life long learning process. Our open curriculum allows our students to work today on the skills that will lay the foundation of a strong academic future.


We encourage you to work with your student to personalize their lesson plan and course selection. This results in superior academic performance and engagement.


In the 21st century, we believe students will become increasingly mobile, reflecting the reality of the modern work force. Our curriculum will go where our students go.