We think most students are Intensely Curious.
Nurturing that curiosity is our primary goal.

Our educational philosophy is based on the belief that not all children learn the same way.
Creating a universal, one-size-fits-all curriculum can be quite a challenge.
Homeschooling allows learning coaches to adapt the curriculum in real time for each student.

Our highly adaptable and flexible curriculum leverages the vast amount of high quality instructional material available on the web.

The structured classroom environment has certain advantages, particularly for learners predisposed to perform well in a highly organized atmosphere. However, sometimes an impromptu exploration of topics only peripherally addressed by the course instruction can have some fascinating and rewarding consequences.

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Portfolio Building

All of our students have accounts at a number of online learning sites, including Khan Academy, edX, FutureLearn, Brilliant and IXL. These sites form the foundation of daily instruction.

Real-Time Adaptability

Have a student struggling with analytical geometry? Don't push forward to meet some predetermined deadline, step back and work with your student until they have mastered the concept before moving on.

Limitless Depth

For our older students, we integrate select advanced education courses from edX and others into our curriculum. These courses cover far ranging topics from molecular biology to computer science.

Broad Skills Based Instruction


Math and Analytic Thought

We believe a student should advance in a mathmatical concept only when they have mastered the basics of a given topic. As such, all students make extensive use of Brilliant and IXL for daily practice.


The Sciences

By graduation, all of our students have completed the AP course version of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with Khan Academy. In addition, they are encouraged to explore more advanced science topics with MOOCs.


Reading and Writing

A certain period of each school day is set aside for reading and students typically complete and analyze (both orally and in writing) more than a dozen books each school year. In addition, all students study a foreign language with daily study at Duolingo.


The Arts

Exploring their creative side is an integral part of student life. Through personalized instruction, students are taught key concepts in artistic expression and techniques. Students gain additional insights with the Pixar in a Box course at Khan Academy

Our students are college bound.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to speak to our students about enrolling in your undergraduate program.